Classical Studies QuickTime VR,
Three Roman Imperial Arches
(for Mac OS or Windows)
Photographed and authored by Brian Donovan, in collaboration with the Department of Classics and Ancient History, The University of Auckland.

Available to secondary and tertiary educational institutions only

(See Table of Contents below.)

Forum Romanum: Arch of Septimius Severus: two spherical QTVR panoramas (one on the western side, one on the eastern).
Gallery of 57 high-resolution still images of details of its structure and decoration.

Forum Romanum: Arch of Titus: one spherical QTVR panorama. Gallery of 34 high-resolution still images.

Piazza del Colosseo: cylindrical panorama showing Arch of Constantine; 'walk-around' QTVR object movie of the Arch. Gallery of 9 high-resolution still images.