Classical Studies QuickTime VR,
Volume III, Pompeii
(for Mac OS or Windows)
Photographed and authored by Brian Donovan, in collaboration with the Department of Classics and Ancient History, The University of Auckland.

Available to secondary and tertiary educational institutions only

(see Table of Contents below)


House of Caecilius Jucundus:

multinode QTVR (14 nodes); high-resolution still details

House of Menander:
multinode QTVR (33 nodes); high-resolution still details

Theatre District:
Individual QTVR nodes in and around the Odeon, Large Theatre, Quadriporticus (Gladiators' Barracks), entrances off Via Stabiana, view from the Triangular Forum

Individual QTVR nodes, including the Macellum, Temple of the Public Lares, Temple of Vespasian, Basilica, Building of Eumachia, Municipal Buildings and general views