Classical Studies QuickTime VR,
Volume II, Greece & Asia Minor-
Magna Graecia
(for Mac OS or Windows)
Photographed and authored by Brian Donovan, in collaboration with the Department of Classics and Ancient History, The University of Auckland.

Available to secondary and tertiary educational institutions only

Available as one DVD or two CDs. (See Table of Contents below.)


Delphi: QTVR: 20 nodes (multinode)
Delphi: the Bronze Charioteer: multi-angle views
Delphi: the Siphnian Treasury: high-resolution stills of the frieze; 3D reconstruction of the Treasury building
Delphi: still images gallery: 27
Mycenae: QTVR: 5 nodes (multinode)
Samos: Heraion: QTVR: 5 nodes (multinode)
Sounion: Sanctuary of Poseidon: QTVR: 5 nodes (multinode)
Epidaurus: the theatre: QTVR: 2 nodes
Thorikos: the theatre: QTVR: 6 nodes
Athens: Greek agora: QTVR: 9 nodes; still images gallery: 15
Athens: Acropolis: QTVR: 6 nodes (multinode); still images gallery: 27
Athens: Kerameikos: QTVR: 3 nodes
Athens: Roman agora: QTVR: 3 nodes; still images gallery: 14
Athens: Odeion of Herodes Atticus: QTVR: 9 nodes (multinode)
Athens: Theatre of Dionysos: QTVR: 7 nodes (multinode); still image gallery: 30
Tiryns: Citadel: QTVR: 8 nodes (multinode)
Corinth: QTVR: 8 nodes



Troy/Hisarlik: QTVR: 23 nodes (multinode); Trojan Plain: 3 nodes
Pergamon: acropolis: QTVR: 5 nodes; still images gallery: 10
Pergamon: asclepeion: QTVR: 3 nodes; still images gallery: 14
Ephesus: QTVR: 10 nodes; still images (Diana statues): 2
Priene: QTVR: 4 nodes
Didyma: Temple of Apollo: QTVR: 5 nodes (multinode)
Paestum: QTVR: 7 nodes; still images gallery: 30