Classical Studies QuickTime VR,
Volume I, Rome
(for Mac OS or Windows)
Photographed and authored by Brian Donovan, in collaboration with the Department of Classics and Ancient History, The University of Auckland.

Available to secondary and tertiary educational institutions only

Proxima Veritati volume I presents a variety of sites focussing on the Roman world (see Table of Contents below). The main menu offers options of sites in and around Rome; Pompeii; and a few sites in southern France. The Rome menu leads to a wide variety of sites that are selected from the map of ancient Rome (Forum, Pantheon, etc). The Pompeii menu is subdivided into two options: town views (streets, amphitheatre, forum etc) or houses, which leads to a selection of the houses and villas in and around Pompeii. These houses are also provided with plans, labels and markers. Further Pompeii material is in Volume III.

There are two versions of Volume I, one for university level, the other for high schools. The university level version includes extensive views of Ostia, the Etruscan tombs at Cerveteri and more sites within Rome than the high school version.

Update to Volume I, July 2007

Volume I has been overhauled and updated: it will now run in Mac OS X with no need for the Mac OS Classic environment, and also on Intel-based Macs. Additionally, new scans have been made from many of the original negatives, yielding clearer, sharper, more detailed images. For update pricing, ordering and information contact Frances Billot.

Rome: Location/Nodes:

Castel Sant'Angelo (Hadrian's Mausoleum) 1
Piazza Navona (Stadium of Domitian) 1
Portico of Octavia 1
Piazza del Campidoglio (Capitol) 1
Circus Maximus 1
Arch of Constantine (‘object movie’)
Forum Romanum 30
*Domus Aurea 16
Imperial Fora (includes Trajan’s Markets) 8
Via Appia Antica 8
Forum Boarium 6
Pantheon 6
Colosseum 5
Baths of Caracalla 4
Palatine 4
Outside Rome:
*Ostia 46
*Cerveteri 9
Hadrian’s Villa 9
Nuceria Gate necropolis
Nuceria Gate necropolis (Pillar of Suedius Clemens)
Nuceria Gate necropolis from city wall
Insula XI: caupona of Euxinus
Via dell’Abbondanza: at Praedia of Julia Felix
Via dell’Abbondanza: at house of L.Tibertinus
Fullery of Stephanus – atrium
Triangular Forum I
Triangular Forum II: view of theatre district
Triangular Forum III: tholos
Temple of Isis

* tertiary version only


Intersection dell’Abbondanza/Nocera
Intersection dell’Abbondanza/Stabiana
Intersection dell’Abbondanza/Lupanare
Intersection dell’Abbondanza/del Foro
Intersection Nola/Stabiana/della Fortuna
Intersection della Fortuna/Nola/vicolo dei Vettii
Intersection di Mercurio/della Fortuna/del Foro
Intersection delle Terme/di Modesto
Intersection Vesuvio/vicolo di Mercurio
Intersection di Mercurio/vicolo di Mercurio
Intersection Consolare/di Narciso
Forum I
Forum II: Basilica
Forum III: between Capitolium and Macellum
Temple of Apollo: west portico
Temple of Apollo: east portico
Vicolo del Lupanare
Bakery of Modestus, vico Storto
Via di Mercurio at the House of the Dioscuri
Via delle Tombe I
Via delle Tombe II
City Total: 33
Villa of the Mysteries 33
House of the Vettii 23
Villa at Oplontis 11
House of Pansa 9
House of the Faun 8
House of the Gilded Cupids 8
House of Marcus Lucretius Fronto 7
Roman Nîmes and Orange:
Pont du Gard 1
Nîmes: Arènes 3
Nîmes: Maison Carrée 1
Theatre at Orange 3