At the web site for the British School at Rome, there is both a QTVR 'virtual tour' of the School, and a link to an extensive QTVR treatment (including 'object movies' of artefacts) for the BSR's Pompeii Project, researching Insula I.9 (click on Research, then Pompeii Project).
(The Pompeii material can otherwise be found here.)

Hilandar Panoramas. Two campaigns of photography in 2001 and 2003, resulted in extensive QTVR documentation of the monastery of Hilandar at Mount Athos, Greece.

The University of Auckland Department of Classics & Ancient History

Herculaneum For the Packard Humanities Institute-sponsored Herculaneum Conservation Project. Part of a campaign of QTVR documentation of the site started in 2001. Panoramas of the battlefields and memorials at Gallipoli. Commissioned by the New Zealand Ministry for Culture and Heritage to mark the 2005 90th anniversary of the campaign. Part of a site offering ANZAC-related resources.