Immersive, interactive, 360-degree high-resolution panoramas of ancient sites, mainly in the Greek and Roman Mediterranean world. Using Apple Computer's QuickTime VR technology, the viewer is able to 'look around' as if they were within a given space (see Samples). Many of the panoramas are linked so that the viewer may move within the site, experiencing a 'virtual tour' and included are maps, plans, labels and node-markers to clearly mark the viewer's location.

These multimedia CD/DVD-ROMs (for Mac OS or Windows) are intended as a specialist teaching and research tool for professionals in the areas of Classical Studies and Ancient History.

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The panoramas are particularly useful for students of Greek and Roman art and architecture, social studies, and for studies of ancient landscapes; they can be of great assistance in placing the sites in their historical and cultural contexts. The panoramas give the viewer a sense of 'being there', in a way which cannot be achieved with a book. For example, they enable the viewer to observe the symmetry so prevalent in Roman room decoration, and to study the way artists responded to and utilised the three-dimensional space of a room or portico garden.

Proxima Veritati and Mac OS X Lion, July 2011
Some versions of volumes 1 and 3 earlier than 2008, and all versions of volumes 2 and 4 until mid-2011, will not run on Mac OS X Lion (as this release of OS X drops Rosetta support for PowerPC applications). For updated replacement disks please contact Frances Billot.